How Make Home Puppy-Friendly

How To Make Your Home Puppy-Friendly

So after long deliberations (or maybe even on impulse), you have decided to adopt a puppy to become part of your family. Your home is going to be where your puppy will spend the majority of its young life, but do you know how to make sure that your new puppy will be happy, safe, and healthy in his new environment? 

In the excitement of bringing a bundle of fur home for the first time, you may forget the importance of preparing your home to prevent an adventurous and inquisitive puppy from getting into trouble. Here are some useful tips and tricks to create a puppy-friendly home for your puppy.

Indoor Puppy-Proofing

The first thing to do is to create a safe and secure environment for your puppy. You can start by drawing up a puppy-proofing checklist for your home to prevent your pet from getting access to anything dangerous or that can threaten its life. This may include some of the following items:

  • Put anything you don’t want to be chewed on out of reach. Puppies generally explore the world through their mouths so they will chew on anything lying around such as kid’s toys, shoes, and slippers.
  • Protect furniture, skirting boards, and doors with a pet deterrent product and keep bathroom doors closed to prevent the pup from attacking the toilet paper.
  • Keep all hazardous household chemicals and cleaning materials out of reach or in a cupboard with childproof latches.
  • Keep all medications away from areas where a puppy can reach them such as night tables, bathroom counters, and coffee tables.

How Make Home Puppy-Friendly

  • Keep bathroom doors closed and toilet lids closed to discourage the puppy from drinking from the toilet water or falling in and drowning.
  • Keep low windows closed at all times and secure any hanging cords or cables to prevent the puppy from getting it entangled around its neck.
  • Keep all small items that a puppy can choke on such as paper clips, coins, toys, rubber bands, and jewellery out of reach. Pay particular attention to foods that are especially dangerous to dogs such as chocolate, sugarless gum, and raisins among others.
  • Move electrical cords out of reach by stringing them through cord concealers. Electrical cords can cause electrical shocks or burns to our puppy when chewed on.

Outdoor Puppy-Proofing

Your backyard will also need to be cleared of all hazards as it will become your puppy’s playground. You also need to make sure you do the following:

  • Ensure that the perimeter of your property is protected by a fence or walls high enough to prevent the puppy from jumping over. Ensure that there are no holes large enough for your puppy to crawl through.
  • If you have a pool, it is mandatory in Australia to have a fence and child-proof fence and gate to prevent a pet from falling in.

How Make Home Puppy-Friendly

  • Don’t leave your puppy unsupervised for long periods of time. Use the outdoor time to have fun and play with your puppy. Proper supervision will ensure that you are there to protect your puppy from possible accidents or even venomous creatures such as snakes and spiders. You will also be able to keep an eye out for signs of heatstroke or exhaustion.
  • Remove all toxic plants from your garden and keep your puppy away from areas that have recently been treated with pesticides, insecticides, and toxic fertilisers.
  • Make sure that there are shady areas where your puppy will be protected from the heat and always have fresh, cool water available for him to drink.
  • Clean up any puppy mess immediately to prevent your puppy from eating his own feces and dragging any mess through the house.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You have joined the exciting world of puppy ownership that can sometimes be quite chaotic. Hopefully, you have done your research and now have a better understanding of how to make your home as puppy-friendly as possible.

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