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If you’re looking for a vet near Glen Iris that provides a holistic approach to veterinary care then 313 Vets is your top choice. The 313 vets team have over 35 years of collective experience in vaccinations and animal dental checkups. The vet clinic turns their holistic approach to any issue you find for your pets and our services extend from gum disease treatment to animal acupuncture and ultrasounds Our approach ensures your pet ends up with a treatment that is suited to them rather than just a quick fix that will require further treatment down the road.

We are committed to using the latest techniques, technologies, and bio-compatible materials to provide vet treatments that are as painless as possible and free of all the gore that people associate with a trip to any vet clinic.

Glen Iris Vet

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The team at 313 Vets has identified several ways to improve the overall care provided for your pets which is focused on providing thorough care to make your loved ones experience at our veterinary clinic a positive one.

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